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Our Story

Clutch Connections was birthed from a desire to help others in the same way Sam (Founder of Clutch Connections) had been helped along in his career journey after separating from Active Duty in the Air Force.  It wasn’t until Sam was in the midst of his own job search and “finding his way” that he developed a desire to help others with their job search and/or career transition.  You can label it a ministry, a calling, a passion, or whatever you want to call it, but either way it’s a chance to give back and serve others.    

As for the name, “Clutch” comes from Sam’s college baseball nickname of “Clutch Hutch” for his uncanny ability to deliver big hits and defensive plays in situations where the pressure was highest and the team needed it most.  “Connections” stems from a desire to help job seekers develop the best strategy for making meaningful connections with decision-makers who can assist with the job search or career transition.  We'll help you obtain information, mentorship, and advice in order to make informed career decisions.  Let us come through in the "clutch" for you and your job search.

Our approach to strategic networking, helps facilitate the right “connections” and exponentially speeds up the job search process.  Let's partner up today right where you are so you can receive timely, relevant advice and a strategy specific to your situation.  Clutch Connections looks forward to serving you!


Founder & Certified Career Coach

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